Costume Contest

Calling all Costumers!

The Parade is FREE to participate in with your G-Fest admission, however, it is REQUIRED that you attend the Costume Parade Orientation, held Saturday afternoon in the Dojo Room. Please check the G-Fest program for the time. At orientation, you will be able to store your costume, enter the parade, and get important information about your parade!

For Your Information: If you have a large costume, there is space to store it in the Dojo Room on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you have a child or are a person that requires special accommodations, let us know immediately when you turn in your entry form so that we can make the appropriate adjustments. All competition pieces must be self-made by you or a parent/guardian. If you plan to wear an inflatable Legendary Godzilla or Kong costume, or any other semblance of a purchased mask, garb, or other costume, you may participate as a parade opener.Contest entries are due at the mandatory Orientation. Due to the number of participants, entries WILL NOT be accepted after the greenroom opens for the costume parade.Contest winners will be announced at the Contest Winners Awards on Sunday. Please check the G-Fest program for the time and location. We sadly cannot ship prizes if you are unable to attend and don’t know the results of the judging until the wee hours of Sunday AM. For additional questions, contact us at

Model Contest

Subjects should relate to the world of Japanese fantasy films. They may be stand-alone, diorama, altered action figure or scratch-built models of any material. Prizes will be awarded in a variety of categories. Entrants will be received at the model room and a claim tag will be issued. Models may not overhang the tables (6' by 30"). The model room will be kept secure at all times. For more information, contact Stan Hyde at

Video Game Tournament

The video gaming tournaments will be run on both Wii and Xbox systems. Registration information and specific times will be posted at G-FEST XXVIII in the tournament room.

Amateur Video Festival

Videos must be original work, no more than six minutes in length, and must not have been previously uploaded to an on-line video streaming platform such as YouTube or Rumble. Participants must be in attendance at G-FEST XXVIII.

Video submissions may be sent as physical media to: Mark Justice, 4359 Abbe Rd., Sheffield Village, OH, 44054, postmarked no later than June 15, 2023. Videos may also be submitted by upload to a Google Drive folder. To request access to upload, please email Mark Justice at: Deadline for uploads is June 30, 2023.

All videos will be previewed, but depending on the number of submissions received, will not guarantee its inclusion in the program.

Art Contest

Artwork can be entered until 5:00 PM, on Saturday, July 15th at the Art Room. Entry limit is three pieces per contestant in the following categories: Adult (ages 16 and over), Youth (ages 9 to 15), and Child (ages 8 and under). Contestants submitting artwork must be on-site G-FEST attendees. Artwork can be picked up at any time after entry, but must remain on display until judging to compete. Judging will take place before the Art Room opens on Sunday morning. First, second, and third place ribbons are awarded to winners in each category.

Subject matter should relate to the world of Japanese fantasy films (no vulgarity, nudity, or excessive blood/violence please). Submissions may be 2D or 3D. 2D artwork should be mounted to a stiff, self-standing, backing board. Artwork not mounted in this fashion is not guaranteed to be accepted for display. Contestants must properly fill out an entry form for each piece submitted, and receive a claim tag to retrieve their artwork.

2023 Rules Update

AI-generated artwork (Midjourney, DALL-E 2, etc.) will not be accepted. Any artwork suspected of being AI-generated may be disqualified from entry at the judges’ discretion. If submitting digitally created artwork, it is recommended to have at least one “in-progress” version available for review on request. All artwork must be 100% originally designed by the artist, no exceptions — this will be strictly enforced. All acceptable submissions are at the judges’ discretion. Previous artwork entries will not be accepted.