About Us

What to Expect

G-FEST is a multi-faceted convention that caters to a wide variety of interests within the Kaiju Genre. Each year G-FEST presents panels, Q & A sessions by actors and crew from kaiju films, fan presentations on topics of interest, a variety of contests, and boasts a fully equipped video gaming thread. Whether you want to participate in the production of an epic fan-made film in Dojo Studios, receive model making instruction from industry pros, shop the world's most extensive kaiju-focused vendor's room, or get an autograph from an idol, G-FEST has everything you need to fulfill your G dreams!

Our History

In 1994, about twenty contributors to G-FAN magazine from all over North America gathered to meet face to face in a small hotel outside Chicago. The group had such an enjoyable time that it was decided to launch a full-scale kaiju convention, and G-FEST was born. Since then, G-FEST has grown to become a “family reunion” that welcomes more than 3000 G-fans, offering a weekend of activities including filmmaking, model and costume making, video and table-top gaming, costume parades, art and model displays, contests, film festivals, and the largest kaiju-focused vendors room in the world. Make 2023 your year to join the G-fan Family.