G-FEST will be returning to the Pickwick Theatre for it's double double feature film festival Thursday, July 13th. 


Afternoon Features:

destroy all monsters

1PM Destroy all Monsters

The original Godzilla team of director Ishiro Honda, special-effects supervisor Eiji Tsuburaya, and composer Akira Ifukube reunited for this kaiju extravaganza, which features no fewer than eleven monsters. Set in the remote future of 1999, when the people of Earth have achieved world peace by confining destructive creatures to Monsterland (until an alien race intervenes), Destroy All Monsters mounts a thrilling display of innovative action sequences and memorable images that have made it a favorite for generations of viewers.


3PM Godzilla 1998

When director Roland Emmerich and producer Dean Devlin re-imagined Godzilla in 1998, they created a controversial movie that many fans felt failed to capture the essence of the King of the Monsters. Despite critical reviews, the movie sold more tickets than any subsequent American-made Godzilla film, and also served as a "gateway" that introduced a new generation of fans into the kaiju eiga genre. 


godzilla raids again

7PM Godzilla Raids Again

Toho Studios followed the enormous success of the original. Godzilla with this sequel, efficiently directed by Motoyoshi Oda as a straight-ahead monsters-on-the-loose drama. An underrated standout among the Showa Godzilla films, Godzilla Raids Again introduces the monster-versus-monster format that would dominate the remainder of the series, pitting Godzilla against the ferocious, spiny Anguirus as the Kaiju wreak havoc in the streets of Osaka in a series of elaborate set pieces that succeed in upping the ante for destruction.


 Shin ultraman

9PM Shin Ultraman

A reimagining of Ultraman and the 37th film in the Ultraman franchise. The second live-action installment in Hideaki Anno's Shin Japan Heroes Universe. An epic tokusatsu entry with brilliant and realistic practical and visual effects combined with outstanding battle choreography. Well written dialogues with humour and political awareness regarding Japan's weak government bureaucracy and United States' over dominance in Japan's internal affairs.

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