Linda’s Father was in the military, so when she graduated High School she and her family moved to Japan. She enrolled in a charm school in Tokyo that served as a modeling agency that provided Western talent for advertising in Japan.

As a model Linda was regularly featured on the cover of several popular magazines. It was there that she caught the eye of producer Arthur Rankin of Rankin and Bass. He cast her as Lieutenant Susan Watson in KING KONG ESCAPES where she starred with Rhodes Reason and Akira Takarada. Her character's relationship with Kong put her in a very exclusive group: One of the women of Kong.

Linda then had a supporting role in THE GREEN SLIME, Japanese/U.S. co-productions with an almost entirely Western cast. Before leaving Japan and moving back to the states, Linda did a guest starring role in the television show SEVEN FACES OF MAN.


When coming back to the states Linda moved to Los Angeles to continue with her acting career. She did a guest role in an Episode of MY THREE SONS under the name of Leslie Michaels due to another actress in the Screen Actors Guild already having the name Linda Miller. Shortly after she gave up acting and started a career in real estate. A few years back she was located by a fan and reintroduced to the world of Japanese monsters and their fans.

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